Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

All you need to get started is a prescription from your doctor. You can bring a physical copy to us in person, or your doctor’s office can fax a copy over to us at 214-513-0362. If you have any questions on how to obtain a prescription from your doctor please contact us and one of our specialists can help you through this process.

How do I know what therapy is needed?

Medical Necessity can be determined by a medical doctor or physical, occupational, and/or speech therapist. If you’re unsure you can always come in for an initial evaluation which we can send to your doctor to show our findings and request a prescription.

How many times a week will I have to come?

Treatment frequency is determined at your initial evaluation. It will depend on your preferences and availability as well as the therapist’s and physician’s recommendation. Some people come as little as once every two weeks, and some people will come as much as five days a week. Every patient is different, even with the same diagnosis, so your plan of care will be special tailored to you and your needs.

How much money will all of this cost?

When billing through insurance benefits will vary from person to person. Give us a call and one of our specialists can call your insurance and get your benefits for you. You can also read our pamphlet “THE PATIENTS GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING INSURANCE” to learn more about how insurances are structured.

What if my insurance is not in network with your facility?

Most insurances provide what is called “Out of Network” Benefits. This means that they will still provide coverage at a different rate if you choose to go to a facility out of their network. If you would like to know what your out of network coverage rates are please contact us and one of our specialists will contact your insurance for you.

Still have more questions?