"icare is more than just a name...it's who we are"


With other Rehabilitation Facilities offered around the Metroplex, why should icare be considered THE BEST CHOICE?

No two patients needs are ever the same, even with the same diagnosis, their needs are all very unique to the individual.

Therefore, the "COOKIE CUTTER" approach used in other facilities will NEVER yield results like rehab done


Other rehabs only see the diagnosis and treat the way they treat that diagnosis, failing to ever get to know and understand each person and their unique needs.

At icare we get to know the person first, because they are more than just a diagnosis.  Once we know the person, then we treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis.

Every staff member at icare is required to ask the question "If this was my Mom...Dad...Sibling...Child...how would I want them to be cared for?" because that is the icare standard, the icare way, and the reason our outcomes are superior to any other facility.

To fully understand why we are who we are, read "Our Story."

Once at our beautiful, hands down "superior to anything in the Metroplex", state-of-the-art facility, our expert team of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians, Internal Medicine Practitioners, physical/speech/occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, pharmacists, social-workers, case-management team, and registered dietician, will all assess and address the unique challenges that each of our guests face in their physical rehabilitation process through our unique icare style of personalized care. 

Be sure to take the VIDEO TOUR of our incredible facility!

  • Post-stroke and neurological care
  • Post-surgical orthopedic care for fractures and trauma
  • Parenteral medications
  • Brain-injury
  • Spinal-cord injury
  • Chronic illness recovery and retraining
  • Teaching self-care and competencies in activities of daily living.
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Daily physician rounds
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • Interdisciplinary care planning and team conferences